Strike&Oppose documentation:

Since most of the game documenation is in-game. 
This documentation supplements the details of the
games mechanics. It also explains the premise or 
notion of the game. 

Strike&Oppose's creation is inspired by  various
game idea's.  One of them is 'Rockem_Sockem. A 
old mattel game where the idea of the game was to
win by knocking the other robot's head off!  Other
ideas are from select game genres I grew up with.

The simplified equation is this:

missile command + space invaders + capture the
flag + shooter + rockem sockem.

intentionally, Strike&Oppose is meant to be a push game.
In which, the player must push the enemy back away
from the finish line!!!  Or, destroy the enemy all-to
-gether.  In some zones the player must simply make
it to the finish line. With the first case meaning the
player must reach the finish line first.  The second case
is destroying the enemy tank all-together(rockem sockem).

Regardless, the intent is meant to be a PUSH-back effect 
that the player must achieve to win! Like rockem sockem,
the player must PUSH for victory! With the added 
bonus of two-ways in lieu of one.


Controls for the PC are as follows:

left-mouse = fire. Target cursor movement  is navigated
 with the mouse.
 Controls for touch devices:
 Strike&Oppose on touch devices will play a bit differently
 than the PC version.  Pressing and dragging techniques
 will be done differently than normal PC mouse operations. 
 It's best to just touch the buttons needed  and point to
 destroy.  In most cases an alien finger print will show when
 a button is pressed when it's most relevant.  
 First one to reach the finish line wins.
 First one destroyed loses.
 PRIMARY WEAPONS: Push back the enemy tank but
 have no effect on most surrounding enemy ships.
 SECONDARY WEAPONS: Can damage the enemy
 tank but have no push-back effect. Secondary 
 weapons can destroy most surrounding enemies.
 TARGETING CURSOR: Can destroy or deflect certain
 objects.  It's also to select between missile attacks 
 and buttons attacks on the players tank. It will change
 into a 'X' cursor for missile attacks. While in the 'X' 
 state the cursor is limited to certain actions. Certain
 objects cannot be deflected while using the missile
 'X' cursor.  Otherwise,  the cursor remains in an 'O'
 shape.  This shape can deflect objects and does not
 require reloading from mobile city defences. However,
 both 'X' and 'O' can use the spinner board option if 
 selected. 'O' cursor also is used to angle secondary
 weapons if enabled.  Afterwards, press the gun
 turrets themselves to fire. Despite secondary guns
 having  limited angles they are very effected against
  most  common enemies.  Enemies not effected
 must be realized by the player.

Mobile city defenses are used to augment the player's
defense.  Depending on the game enabled in the extra
options settings.  There are two types of mobile
city defenses.  One will be for missile attacks.
The second will be for resupplying  the player's secondary
weapons.  If secondary  weapons are enabled in the
extra options screen. Then each token collected when
released from that specific city defense will add to the
secondary weapons stockpile.  Unless, the city is
destroyed or depending on the game mode.
Regardless, of what mode selected both defenses are
present in later zones.

Depending on what option is enabled in the extra 
options sceen.  The mobile city defensed may be 
reversed.  In addition, stockpile levels are depicted by
the skill level selected by the player.  '1' being the least
difficult and '3' being very difficult.

In accord with the primary mobile city defense. EMP 
blasts will deflect most shellings depending on the 
strength of the enemy's defenses.  However, it has no
effect on the enemy's primary weapons...  If the player
survives a zone with the primary mobile city defense
intact then the EMP burst are expanded at the cost 
of the primary mobile city's stockpile.. The bigger the 
boom, the bigger cost to the primary mobile city defenses
stockpile.  Again, this is depended on many factors 
including the skill level selected.  There's '5' levels to the
EMP burst's expansion.  Afterwards, no more build up.
In general, if the primary mobile city defense is lost in
a zone then the EMP expansion is set back to '1'. 
Which is the size of the 'O' cursor.


Carepackages aid in the war effort and are flown in 
via drop plane.  If the drop plane is lost then no care-
package.  Carepackages come in the form of extra
ammo for the player's tank primary weapon, the
primary mobile city defense(EMP) ammo, extra 
speed, or extra health.  Each carepackage is dropped
at random so each game will be different.  In the earlier
zones carepackage drops are free.  But later, cost 
victory points.


Attack planes allow the player to press the plane and
fire random graviton shells(or BOMBS).  The amount and
style are different each game upto a finite limit.  Graviton
shells can hurt the enemy's tank and destroy other enemy
hazards.  They are free in earlier zones but cost in later
zones. Protect the plane while fighting in a zone or else lose
the plane to enemy missile fire or to other hazards. Again,
nothing hurts the enemy tank like the player's primary 


The spinner board effects the outcome in strike&oppose
drastically!!!  Though, the board's spins are limited by a 
countdown.  They can help or hinder the player's outcome
considerably without consideration to the player's victory.

It's operation is random within a finite order.  So, be prepared
for strike&oppose not to take sides!!!!  It is selected in the 
extra options screen.


If selected in the extra options screen. A spiked wall will appear
shortly after a zone starts.  It does not hurt the mobile city
defenses. However, it does destroy the player's tank if pushed
back far enough.  It cannot be destroyed as well. Choose this for
a extra challenge. Beware though, it makes later zones next too
impossible!!!!.   It's also best to enable the secondary weapons
option along with the closing walls option.


If enabled, at least one city must survive.  If not the game is 
over.  Enable this for an increased challenge....In this mode 
the mobile city defenses will be reversed.


Carepackages and attack planes are amongst the
items that can be purchased with victory points.  If
certain skill levels are chosen then victory points will 
be used to buy the player's primary weapon's pulses.
This is automatic so that the player won't run out of 
ammo or it's main artillary.  Victory points do no buy
the player's secondary weapon's artillary.  Secondary
ammo is created via a token from the mobile city 
defense base that creates them..
Victory points will also float away faster than others.
The faster the victory point moves outta of the screen
the more it gives when collected.


Options such as: Sound and the game's FPS(or frame
rate) can be selected in arbitrary upon the player's 
desire.  Sound is enabled by default and the standard
FPS is meant to be 30 FPS if enabled.


Below is a short description on how to deal with 
some of the enemy's obstacles. 

MISSILES: are red and will leave a streak upon burst.
they are destroyed with EMP burst in general.

BOMBS: heavy bombs(white) can be destroyed by EMP
burst. Enemy fighter bombs(brown) can be destroyed 
with EMP bursts or 'O' cursor will stop them.


Can all be deflected by the 'O' cursor.  Some items
must be deflected out of the game screen's perimeter
in order to be effective.


Some can be destroyed by EMP's or soley with the
'O' cursor.  Experiment to find out!!!!  In general,
a alien fingerprint will be displayed if the 'O' cursor is 
able to be applied.


When the enemy boss appears. The player must destroy
it with EMP blast's before it leaves the playfield. 
In general, destroying it gives a good amount of victory
points. Also, the spinnerboard option affects boss play
extremely. All three nodes must be destroyed in no
particular order.


These small enemy support tanks come in a wide
configuration.  It's best not to let these units  make it
to the finish line.  If so, then the player must take the
brunt of the penalty that occurs. Each unit carries it's
own penalty. So, penaltys can happen in multiples.
These units are destrpyed with EMP blast.


There are '3' spinner types that can be selected: 
'1' is the basic spinner setup.
'2' is half and half.
'3' is always random.


As of this writing, skill levels rate from '1' - easy; thru
'3' being the hardest.  In general, skill level settings
affect reload times, countdown times, ammo amounts,
and other strange settings not foreseen by the player
during game play.


The player can select from zone 1 thru zone 35. If the
player makes it thru zone 35 or above. The zone select
will remember the last zone defeated.  However, if 
Strike&Oppose is reset thru the browser then all extra 
options are reset!


Strike&Oppose is meant to be played by all ages.  It is
intentionally set to be very easy from the 1st zone.
Therefore, zones may seem redundant for experienced 
gamers.  Each zone before '23' is meant as a play
along tutiorial without heavy bombardment as in later
zones. With normal game settings it will not start to
pick up until after zone 13.  It's best to learn zone
patterns and try to remember each zone. In addtion, 
it's best not to overload 1st time play with all the 
settings in the extra-options screen.  Play it with the 
normal settings before playing with other options.

NOTE: Switching between 'O' and 'X' cursor!!!
If done poorly, it can cost the game.  If done with good
timing, the player can shield the tank from damage.

NOTE: Victory points and EMP power settings are 
reset replaying  a zone lost.


Below are game specifics relating to the current build
of Strike&Oppose(v1).

*Sound may not be present if the touch device does
NOT conform to the standard HTML5 practices.
CHROME or FIREFOX on smaller devices.
I do not specialize sound for multiple browser formatting.  

Nor, do I for any particular device. Sound is outputted via the
browser's standards.  I've had great results with CHROME.

*Sound is 44k Monaural for retro reasons..

*Animation and effects are made around retro-effects.
 Therefore, everything is intentionally reduced.
 *Many classic or retro arcade and home console 
 concepts are blended into this project.
 *Strike&Oppose does NOT use HTML5 hardware(WEBGL) support.
  It works on most modern browsers without it. This is intentional
  so that it works on any browser that has basic HTML5 support.
  *Primary weapons are rigged to give the enemy an advantage 
 when using a higher skill level.
 *It is normal for Attack ship or carepackage ships text 
 identifier to be left after destroyed..
 *Project completed in 2018.

Install instructions

1.)Download. 2.)Unzip. 3.)Play in your browser.


Download 1 MB